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So, today we say a long-overdue farewell to Nip/Tuck – the single biggest travesty on television in the last 5 years. A little harsh, no? After all, VH1 has built its entire resurgence on shitty shows that will almost certainly bring about the end of mankind. But we never expect anything of reality shows, so that’s a whole other deal.

I’m disappointed in Nip/Tuck because it was once truly the most visionary and groundbreaking show on the box. I discovered it via weekly mini-marathons as they geared up for the Season 3 premiere, and I would literally spend the better part of each four-episode screening slack-jawed and bug-eyed. The shit they came up with was purely out of this world, but the writing was so sharp that it didn’t feel like an insult to your intelligence. (more…)