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onLoop 9.20.10: Late-to-the-Party edition

Posted: September 20, 2010 by RA in Music, On Loop
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Here we have a selection of uptempo cuts I’ve been feeling lately. Like I said a while back, I’ve been kinda busy. So these cuts are probably pretty old to you, but the fact is, this post should’ve come out like six weeks ago. Sue me. (more…)


The debate supposedly raging in the inboxes at SoulBounce HQ, and their admitted resignation to the democratic process (songs were chosen and ranked based on a tally of the editors’ votes, resulting in a uniformly unsatisfied bunch) got me thinking about the idea of objectivity in a ranked list of such great importance.

So I decided to present my version of a detatched-yet-painfully-attached ranked list. The songs are ranked based on Play-Count in my 6-year-old iTunes library. Seems thoroughly subjective, right? But randomness is reintroduced by the following facts:

  • I’ve lost my iTunes Library data once or twice in those 6 years, resulting in incomplete statistical data.
  • This doesn’t account for music playback on my laptop (or my iPod when I’m on vacation).
  • These songs weren’t all added on the same day, month, or even year. Oversights and late-growers explain “Black or White” appearing less popular than “One More Chance”.
  • The iTunes randomizer algorithm often favors already-popular (play-count-wise) songs, resulting in what’s pretty much a continuous feedback loop in which the popular get popular-er.

Still, I stand by my #1. “I Can’t Help It” is pure brilliance. It’s totally Stevie (who wrote the song), but it’s also quintessentially Mike, with its joyfully melancholy take on the state of being desperately in love. Vocally, he goes from whimper to roar to wail, challenging the track to keep up. It truly may well be Mike’s final moment of greatness before becoming the phenom whose supernova would eventually lead to its own end.

I won’t sit and argue with you about whether it’s his best work — we’ll never agree on that fact. So just press Play and do the Chair-Sway.

But first, here’s the list.


The folks over at SoulBounce are celebrating “The Summer of Michael Jackson” with their picks of the Top 50 cuts in Michael’s extensive (and incredible) catalog.

While I don’t expect anyone to agree 100% with their pics, I suggest you take solace in the fact that they don’t either. It’s a testament to the man’s brilliance that we can argue about his 50 best compositions. Try getting three rational-minded people over the age of 25 to give a damn about Justin Timberlake’s best 7 songs. Go on, try.

Anyway, because I’m currently a tad too busy with the dayjob and a few other features to do such a list justice, take a look at the Bouncers’ picks, and be sure to check for updates every day.


Michael... Gagson? 

As I read the 8000th article published about Lady Gaga the Dancing Costume, I saw the YouTube splash image and I thought:

Urethra! Eureka! Mike really is still alive!!”

There’s a popular theory that her excessive styling began as a way to distract viewers from her… homely visage.

I, personally, am shocked that anyone would make such a hurtful statement.

(I’m so sorry, Mike.)