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Andrew Breitbart, far-right media blowhard and Karl Rove/Lee Atwater fetishist, most famous for the scandal he fabricated about community organizing group ACORN, may have finally been caught in the act.

A few days ago, he released a clip of USDA official Shirley Sherrod seemingly regaling the crowd at a local NAACP event with the tale of her denying a white farmer the help he so sorely needed. The media was up in arms, brimming with appropriate outrage. So were the USDA and NAACP — the latter immediately condemned her actions and the former forced her to resign immediately (apparently insisting she tender her resignation from wherever she was, via Blackberry).

As it turns out, Breitbart only showed a fraction of her 40-minute speech. Not only did that apparent abuse of power happen in the late ’80s, and not during her USDA tenure, but there was no abuse of power. The selected portion of her speech was part of a larger one in which she explains how she went from considering whites less disenfranchised (and thus, less deserving of her help) than blacks, to deciding that poor whites were getting shafted just as much as blacks were. She then goes on to detail her efforts to save this white farmer from the lawyer who was supposed to be helping him save his farm (also white, seeing as we’re playing Racial Bingo here), and spends the rest of the video preaching racial unity and co-operation with a touching sincerity. (more…)



Charitable Spoiler Alert: Turn away if you haven’t reached the mid-point of Season 2, and want to remain somewhat surprised.

So, HBO’s True Blood is back, and I find myself truly shocked at how satisfying Sunday night’s season premiere was. I used to watch this show in fits of laughter, yelling “this is the worst thing on TV!!” at the screen. Then somewhere early in the second season, it crossed over from “so bad, it’s good” to “pretty good” territory.

I didn’t expect to comment on this premiere, but I found myself reading an open thread at Racialicious, in which Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) state of mind after losing her boyfriend had commenters all in a tizzy. (more…)

Steph: Ayngil or Debbil?You know what really grinds my gears? Racist assholes. You know what grinds my gears even more? Racist-asshole apologists and deniers. I swear to you, these days, it’s worse to call someone a racist than to actually do something racist. But I digress.

So, the other day, it was revealed that some chick at Harvard Law made a few interesting comments about the comparative intellectual capacities of blacks and whites.  (more…)