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Belly Rub

As we all know by now, Beyoncé revealed her pregnancy to the world at the VMAs on Sunday night, proudly rubbing her protruding belly at the end of her “Love On Top” performance.
While we congratulate music’s most powerful couple on their successful conception of the Chosen One, we can’t help wondering if she could have done a better job with the big reveal.

So, because we know the number 4 means a lot to the parents-to-be, let’s look at four other ways she could have shared her joy.



Chuck Norris Ain’t Got Shit on Prince

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This is absolute brilliance.


Got my tickets. Next Saturday @ MSG, baby. And I’m a dude!

Greg Giraldo Dead at 44

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It’s almost become a cliche to be a drug-addicted comic. Still, I loved Greg Giraldo. Dude was hilarious, and unapologetically filthy without appealing to idiotic stereotypes or childish jingoism to make his point.

I have nothing else to say right now — It’s late, I’m drunk. Greg would be proud.

Nigerian megablogger Bella Naija follows up her brief Oprah appearance with a great segment on CNN, during which manages to offset the inarticulate, juvenile bile that has come to be the public’s perception of the blogosphere. (I’m looking at you, Penis-Drawing Fatass whose name I won’t mention here.) (more…)

Sure, “Power” was decent. “Monster”? Meh.

But now we have “Lord, Lord, Lord”, a smooth track with great turns from Mos Def and Raekwon. Melodically the track is like a more mellow “Magnificent”, but with better rappers.

Plus, Ye lets the beat ride out (with Charlie Wilson vamping) for the last 2 minutes of the cut — always a mark of a producer confident in his product.


Song of the Summer: “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado
Subtitled “OMG Nelly Furtado is totally rapping!”, this gimmicky track made its bones on the novelty of Furtado trading Pop-Rap come-ons with Timbaland over a boilerplate Tim beat. To be sure, Furtado had proclaimed her love for Hip-Hop as far back as her debut (and decidedly more Adult-Contemporary-leaning) album, but from its sound to the completely superfluous Timberlake cameo in the video, this was as cynical a chart-chaser as they come. It worked, spending 6 weeks at the top of the Hot 100. But try playing it now and ask yourself how well it’s aged.

Yeah, I thought so.


Today in Michelle O News

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Forgetting her intelligence, warmth, and astounding accomplishments, Michelle O’s greatest legacy may well be this Foxiest First Lady Ever award I’m about to present to her. So without further ado…


Make of that what you will.