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Kenneth Cole Tweet Window ImageI meant to post this earlier, but as with everything these lazy-yet-hectic days of winter wherein we’re left to suffer the vengeful wrath of our billionaire Emperor Bloomberg and the weather machine created by his team of captive scientists, I’m running a little behind.

Anyway, last week, designer(ish) Kenneth Cole sent out the following to his 11,000 Twitter followers:

Millions in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at -KC


Now, this just ain’t right. I’m all for not expecting the world to give your country’s tragedies the same weight as you do, but damn. And on the anniversary of her death, too? Cold, muthafucka. Cold.

Take a look.


I love fragrance ads. No other subgenre fully embraces the conceptual, the pretentous, the over-the-top quite like it. When the pursuits of subtlety and tastefulness are removed from the equation, there’s no longer room for mediocrity — you’re either totally brilliant or an awesome trainwreck.

For this reason, I thoroughly enjoyed the ’90s golden age of fragrance ads. From Kate Moss’ iconic whisper to Vanessa Paradis’ haunting whistle, to Égoiste’s cringeworthy awesomeness, the ’90s had all the best shit. (more…)

Single Woman...So the other day, I ran into a promo for USA’s new show for the second time in about as many days.

My first impression? I’m kinda insulted.

I’m not really into blondes, but I want to hope that if it was a really hot, dark-haired chick, I’d feel as irritated and amused by the ad as I do now.

We’re presented with a sexy blond with a killer body, pouting to camera as she holds a gun. She’s in a skin-tight outfit that shows off her drum-tight body. Ooh, and looka the heels on those little feet of hers! Oh shit, and the zippers??! Total freak!

At this point, your sister walks into the room. (Damn, why won’t mom let you put a lock on that door?) She sees the pretty blond girl. Wait a minute — look at the fierce look on her face! That’s not a girl — that’s a woman! And look at her outfit! Pretty sweet. Killer heels, too. She totally isn’t the type to take any mess from a man. She’s a total feminist, like Christina or Gaga or KE$h@! Omg! (more…)


I’m often told I spend far more time mocking stuff I don’t like than actually highlighting work I do enjoy. Fair point. But it’s hard to have a balance when the overwhelming majority of media output today is pure shite.

Anyway, while this is 4-month-old ad is ancient by web standards, I figured I should share it because while it may not age like fine wine, it’s like the salsa dip in my refridgerator: still pretty good four months later.

Let’s see HTML 5 do this, Steve jobs.

WATCH: And Then There Was Salsa

Watching this ad always makes me cringe.

See, it’s totally not your grandfather’s hair-restoration foam. That’s probably because gramps’ stuff was more of a potion than a foam. It had shit like goat placenta and eye of newt. But this shit right here? Totally different — the ad tells you as much. How so?

  1. It’s all high-contrast, black-and-white edginess.
  2. The “real-person” actor totally talks like an everyday guy. In all our hey, like.. inarticulate glory.
  3. He’s a total skeptic — like you, a jaded adult Gen-X-er. But Rogaine so totally works “It’s like… nice” [double thumbs-up].
  4. Quick. Cuts. MTV-style. So each. Sentence. Is made up of. At. Least. Five clips.
  5. This product isn’t for “men” like gramps. It’s for “guyyyyys.” 85 per cent of whom totally get their hair back. It’s like… nice.

So you should feel no shame ringing it up at the drug store (is it even available OTC?), along with those rubbers, Astroglide tube, and that “What A Girl Wants” DVD.

Here are the remaining two videos from the W.W.W. viral promo campaign for Dwele’s upcoming album W.ants W.orld W.omen. Sure, the “W.ants” clip trades in a few tired cliches, but I love the creative, relentless way he drums home the album release date.

For your consideration, The W.W.W. videos. (more…)