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Remember that bowtie-wearing little dweeb John Stewart fed his own ass in his own house back in 2004? No? Can’t say I blame you.

Well, taking a page from Napster-era high-school girls, Carlson just totally wrote a series of outrageous emails to a Philly journalist, pretending to be Keith Olbermann. Take that, betch!


Oh, Michelle...

Michelle Obama and others, including the President of the United States, attended this year's WHCD

So, Barry O’s second White House Correspondents Dinner was last night, and he wiped the floor with Jay Leno. In fairness, Times New Roman is funnier than Leno, so that really isn’t saying much.

But here’s my problem: I know the WHCD sprinkles in some celebrities with the politicos and journalists to keep the kids interested. But really: Justin Bieber? Kim Kardashian? The Jonas Brothers? Talk about a substance-vacuum.

All I’m saying is I really liked it when things meant something. We’ve lost far too many important cultural markers, and I refuse to let the White House Correspondents Dinner fade into that sweet nothingness. I mean, Jay Leno? Bush had The Mighty Colbert (although I’m pretty sure someone got fired for that), and you got… Leno? The most notable “celebrity” presence I remember from the 2006 dinner was Valerie Plame. Don’t go ruining this shit by inviting the Jo-Bros and actually acknowledging their presence during your monologue.

I will say, though, I’m greatly ticked by (not just Eric Massa, but) the thought that the Jonases must feel like octagenarian has-beens next to that little lesbian-looking Justin Bieber.

Silver linings, kids.

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