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Watching this ad always makes me cringe.

See, it’s totally not your grandfather’s hair-restoration foam. That’s probably because gramps’ stuff was more of a potion than a foam. It had shit like goat placenta and eye of newt. But this shit right here? Totally different — the ad tells you as much. How so?

  1. It’s all high-contrast, black-and-white edginess.
  2. The “real-person” actor totally talks like an everyday guy. In all our hey, like.. inarticulate glory.
  3. He’s a total skeptic — like you, a jaded adult Gen-X-er. But Rogaine so totally works “It’s like… nice” [double thumbs-up].
  4. Quick. Cuts. MTV-style. So each. Sentence. Is made up of. At. Least. Five clips.
  5. This product isn’t for “men” like gramps. It’s for “guyyyyys.” 85 per cent of whom totally get their hair back. It’s like… nice.

So you should feel no shame ringing it up at the drug store (is it even available OTC?), along with those rubbers, Astroglide tube, and that “What A Girl Wants” DVD.


A part of me dies whenever I see one of these youth-targeted ads. I always wonder why nobody in the room is willing to raise his hand and say to the room, “that’s kind of a bad idea.” I’ve done it before. In one case, when I was brand new to advertising. To one of the partners. It’s the reason they want young blood in advertising — to save them from looking like out-of-touch idiots.

So please, members of the coveted 18-34 demographic. If you’re ever in a brainstorming session and someone suggests a “hip,” “trendy,” or “urban” way to sell crap to your peers, clear your throat and let him/her know: bad idea.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… Seriously, Bleek. That bad? I guess that inheritance from Jay isn’t putting food on your table today.

Also, should that ad be pitching Piperlime so hard?

Oh, Michelle...

Michelle Obama and others, including the President of the United States, attended this year's WHCD

So, Barry O’s second White House Correspondents Dinner was last night, and he wiped the floor with Jay Leno. In fairness, Times New Roman is funnier than Leno, so that really isn’t saying much.

But here’s my problem: I know the WHCD sprinkles in some celebrities with the politicos and journalists to keep the kids interested. But really: Justin Bieber? Kim Kardashian? The Jonas Brothers? Talk about a substance-vacuum.

All I’m saying is I really liked it when things meant something. We’ve lost far too many important cultural markers, and I refuse to let the White House Correspondents Dinner fade into that sweet nothingness. I mean, Jay Leno? Bush had The Mighty Colbert (although I’m pretty sure someone got fired for that), and you got… Leno? The most notable “celebrity” presence I remember from the 2006 dinner was Valerie Plame. Don’t go ruining this shit by inviting the Jo-Bros and actually acknowledging their presence during your monologue.

I will say, though, I’m greatly ticked by (not just Eric Massa, but) the thought that the Jonases must feel like octagenarian has-beens next to that little lesbian-looking Justin Bieber.

Silver linings, kids.

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No, not this. Well, that actually isn’t helping, either. But still…

So, I used to be the type who had to read in order to fall asleep. But moving to NYC almost a decade ago (yikes!) changed all that. With precious little time for recreational reading, and a seriously fatigued brain by the time I hit the sack, I developed the habit of having the TV as my sleep aid. As devoid of intellectual stimulation as late-night TV is, turn the volume down low enough and that shit’s about as soothing as a mother’s heartbeat is to an infant.

Still, this is prime advertising real-estate in both the Branding and Direct Response spheres. You’re up late, so you’re likely more easily influenced in this fatigued state: BRANDING. You’re up late, so you’re likely to be a.) seeking some form of companionship, even if it’s a phone operator, or b.) filled with self-loathing for some reason. So make that call now — before the 10-minute special window runs out! DIRECT RESPONSE. Hey, I’m not against late-night advertising. Or even late-night fitness ads. I owe my present undeniable sexy to it. I got serious and changed gyms hours after a 4AM viewing of an extended Bally’s ad. (more…)