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Greg Giraldo Dead at 44

Posted: September 29, 2010 by RA in Uncategorized

It’s almost become a cliche to be a drug-addicted comic. Still, I loved Greg Giraldo. Dude was hilarious, and unapologetically filthy without appealing to idiotic stereotypes or childish jingoism to make his point.

I have nothing else to say right now — It’s late, I’m drunk. Greg would be proud.

Nigerian megablogger Bella Naija follows up her brief Oprah appearance with a great segment on CNN, during which manages to offset the inarticulate, juvenile bile that has come to be the public’s perception of the blogosphere. (I’m looking at you, Penis-Drawing Fatass whose name I won’t mention here.) (more…)

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Maroon 5. On the one hand, they cite folks like Stevie and Prince as their influences. On the other, they do them absolutely no justice, often trotting out work that’s so derivative yet bastardized, it sounds like Stevie as performed by the house band on Dancing With the Stars.

On the one hand, I can’t stand Adam Levine. He irritates the royal shit out of me, despite the fact that I could never be bothered to learn more about him than that he sings in that shitty band that’s somehow got multiple entries on my iPod. On the other, they’ve somehow managed to get multiple entries on my iPod.


Sure, “Power” was decent. “Monster”? Meh.

But now we have “Lord, Lord, Lord”, a smooth track with great turns from Mos Def and Raekwon. Melodically the track is like a more mellow “Magnificent”, but with better rappers.

Plus, Ye lets the beat ride out (with Charlie Wilson vamping) for the last 2 minutes of the cut — always a mark of a producer confident in his product.


onLoop 9.20.10: Late-to-the-Party edition

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Here we have a selection of uptempo cuts I’ve been feeling lately. Like I said a while back, I’ve been kinda busy. So these cuts are probably pretty old to you, but the fact is, this post should’ve come out like six weeks ago. Sue me. (more…)

Okay, so I’ve had a mancrush on Tom Ford since his days turning Gucci into the sickest fashion house on the scene (and the template for Rock & Republic’s poor-man’s-Gucci aesthetic). The man understands the art of sexifying a woman in ways that make me question his sexuality. (Much like my fawning over him makes me question mine.)

Anyway, as I don’t have an ad airing during this year’s VMAs (and I’m not twelve), I won’t be watching this year. But apparently, I’m not the only one missing the party. Beyoncé and a bevy of gorgeous women of different ages (Julianne Moore could still get it) are at Tom Ford’s secret presentation this week, marking his much-whispered-about return to womenswear. (more…)

So, I’m sure we’ve all heard “No More”, the first bit of new music from Ron Isley since he had to… go away. I was fairly ho-hum about it. (Though glad to hear he’d left the now-tired “Mr. Bigg” posturing in the big house. Big house… get it?)

 And then comes his cover of the Bacharach classic “(They Long to Be) Close to You”, featuring none other than Lauryn Hill. Sure, it’s a classic, beautifully written song. And lushly produced, sweetly subtle performance by two incredible artists. But I found myself wanting badly to like it more than I did (and I love a slow burner more than anything else).

It was then that I decided I was probably suffering from Lauryn Hill Denial Disorder.

Still, maybe I’m wrong here. You decide.

One of the things I love most about my job (besides 2 out of 3 meetings being catered) is the selection of free magazines I have access to. Over the years, I’ve watched AdAge get thicker as both Time and Newsweek turn to little more than glossy pamphlets as I go to and from the elevators daily. Still, I seldom stop to pick them up, though… places to go, people to do. (is that how that goes?)

Last week, as I hustled between meetings, something caught my eye in the stacks I usually give a cursory glance. It was the brilliantly worded, even more expertly laid out  cover for the August issue of Newsweek. I had to have it. And even as I tried to run three mini meetings at a time for the rest of the day, I started each one by pointing to my desk and asking the impatient person hoping for the answer they wanted: “Doesn’t that look like it’s gonna be an incredible piece?” Sure, most of them only agreed to get back to the issue at hand, but I’m pretty sure I touched one or two of them deeply. (You’re welcome, Newsweek.)


Now, this just ain’t right. I’m all for not expecting the world to give your country’s tragedies the same weight as you do, but damn. And on the anniversary of her death, too? Cold, muthafucka. Cold.

Take a look.


That’s right, motherfuckers. You read right.


Not just werewolves, anymore.


My Groovy Goolies squad is almost complete.