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I don’t like Bill Maher. He’s a pompous jackass with some problematic ideas regarding race. But damned if I didn’t nod my neck sore, watching this “New Rules” segment on the Stewart/Colbert rally.

While I only partly agree with his critique of the Comedy Central duo (specifically the false equivalence of the Olbermann/Beck parallels), he’s definitely reading from my most private journal when he rips on the Democrats for waiting patiently for reason to return to the Republican party like a little latchkey kid who swears Poppa will be back any minute now. He just went to buy some smokes. Three weeks ago.

Here’s a bit of what Maher had to say:

“The message of the rally, as I heard it, was that, if the media stopped giving voice to the crazies on both sides, then maybe we could restore sanity. It was all nonpartisan and urged cooperation with the moderates on the other side forgetting that Obama tried that and found out…there are no moderates on the other side. When Jon announced his rally, he said the national conversation was dominated by people on the Right who believe Obama’s a Socialist and people on the Left who believe 9/11’s an inside job, but I can’t name any Democratic leaders who think 9/11’s an inside job. But Republican leaders who think Obama’s a Socialist…all of them.”

To read more and watch the video, check out Mediaite’s take on the the segment:
MEDIAITE: Bill Maher Disses The Daily Show Rally: It’s Better To Have A Rally That’s “About Something”


The Grant case isn’t over yet. Some comfort (small and cold, though it may be) may be on the way. The Justice Department may be ready to intervene. Highly unlikely, considering the justice department’s record of making grand declarations, and then doing nothing once the news cycle ends. Still, I feel like if Eric Holder had his way, things would actually happen. On a multitude of fronts.

 The article also shares some other news — some good, some bad. The good?

Federal officials planned to begin their civil rights investigation after the conclusion of the state case against Mehserle, who faces sentencing Aug. 6.

Involuntary manslaughter convictions call for two to four years in prison. But since the jury also found Mehserle used a gun during the crime, the judge could tack on an additional three to 10 years — an option Oakland officials hope would quell additional unrest in the city.

The bad? Probation is still a possibility, though a distant one.

To appeal to the judge to consider the gun enhancement at the August 6 sentencing, write to:

Judge Robert J. Perry
Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center
210 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

You can also call (213) 974-5394. Regardless of the misleading voicemail, this is for Perry’s court.

Hi, Snoop. The name’s merq. Big fan.

Now seriously, dude. This is why I keep saying you should have retired in the late ’90s. You gave it a go, made your mark. You would’ve gone out with some dignity. Sure, we would’ve been deprived such gems as”Drop it Like It’s Hot”,  “Perfect”, “Special”, and the near-classic “Beautiful”. But one needs only look at the names of the latter three to get a glimpse of your diminished creativity.

“Beautiful”, “Perfect” and “Special” are essentially the same song. It just gets softer in percussion and rhythm with each reiteration — kinda like recording over the same audio tape over and over. (Remember those?)  Also suffering each time you dip back in that well is lyricism. Sample lyrics from “Special”:

I picture this love affair, of ours/ To last a lifetime, just like flowers…
See I ain’t never blow no cheese /Or done no songs like these/ I love the air that you breathe /You know why?

The problem is, of course, that you have done songs like these. Twice before. And “last a lifetime, just like flowers”?? C’mon, man! You know you didn’t write that shit. Your album advance, rhyming dictionary, and a bag of weed deserve that writing credit.

And while we’re on the subject of weed. Doesn’t it bother you that you’ve been reduced to the sleepy-eyed, “izzle”-ating Hip-Hop High Times poster boy? I understand and wholeheartedly support playing with your image, but you’ve gone from West-Coast Gangsta to Retro Gangster to Retro Pimp Pastiche played for laughs. It’s like you watched the “Doggy Dogg World” video sometime in 2001 and, noticing how many laughs it got from label folk, decided this would be you for the next ten years.

Dude, it’s not funny.

You used to be a talented rapper. You had relevance. Now, you’re like a black Shaggy who lets Scooby write his rhymes for him. Why does it have to be this way? I mean, on cuts like “…World” and “Sexual Eruption”, the whole shtick works because it is clearly a shtick. But being this buffoon 24/7? Dude, we deserve better. We clear?

Alright, now we’ve got that settled, I want you to promise me shit like this will never happen again, either.


Thanks, man.


So, when I was younger, I listened exclusively to uptempo music. If it couldn’t be played at a club, I didn’t wanna hear it. But as I matured, my tastes kinda flipped, and 80% of what I really dig is mid- to downtempo.

I bring this up because even in my youthful folly, Jagged Edge were on a short list of artists who made ballads that didn’t bore me. They harmonized brilliantly, and could write the hell out of a ballad. Sure, they rewrote the same ballad like six times (“Walked Outta Heaven”, “Good Luck Charm”), but dammit, each one was brilliant. Plus, they knew how to switch things up every now and again — 2001’s Jagged Little Thrill is one of the most tragically underrated R&B albums of that decade. (more…)

That’s What I Said… In which I let someone else do the talking.

Last night, I met up with my friend Erik for a couple drinks. Somewhere between the third beer and fourth scotch, talk turned to the current Apple mess. Turns out he and the other folks at DigitalFacePalm have some pretty strong opinions on this too.

I am getting so tired of Apple.  They have slowly become the kind of business they rose up against in the 80’s.  Their whole spiel back in the day was to RISE UP against conformity.  Innovation was the key to their success, simplicity and innovation is what made people switch to the Apple side…

They want developers who write Apps for the, i-insertproductname, to use Apple ONLY tools.  This means that developers who write an App for an Apple product, would have to literally re-write said App to be used on, the Android market let’s say.  This makes it very difficult for developers to get their intellectual property out in the market, to other devices.  Isn’t Apple the one always bitching about intellectual property?  Man these guys are such hypocrites! 

Why should Apple push a developer into a corner? Why does Apple need to have an Apple ONLY fart app?  Why can’t the developer write it in a universal language that can easily be ported to another platform?  I guess if you make it hard enough, these developers will ONLY develop for you, and nobody else.  Good business strategy.  Lock everyone in a closet Apple!!!

You know what?  Apple is scared of third-party innovation.  They want EVERY Apple product owner to be locked in their world.  You’ll see the world as Apple wants you to.  It starts off small, they don’t think you need Flash, it’s too resource hungry.  Well, why don’t YOU innovate Apple?  Why do WE have to bend over for YOU?  If the customer keeps making concessions just because it’s Apple and their “cool”.  Pretty soon, your Mackbooks are going to have to go through an Apple proxy server, just to make sure you’re going to an Apple approved site.

Tell ’em why you mad, son. Read the rest here.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple months, you’re acutely aware of two stories heating up the tech world. That doesn’t happen too often, now does it — mainstream audiences giving a damn about tech-industry happenings. I am, of course, talking about Apple’s war with Adobe and Facebook harvesting your likes, allergies, and phobias for eventual sale to our future alien insect overlords. In this, the first of a two-part series, we’ll look at how Apple went from edgy, fashionable outsider to Tech Goliath (MechaGodzilla, I guess). (more…)

Poster Boy: NYPD

Art by Poster Boy

When my friend Lina tipped me off to the case of a shooting incident involving a Philadelphia cop, she did so in an email simply titled “asshole.” For a second, I was like “well, fuck you, Lina.” But I read on, all the same.

It turns out Sergeant Robert Ralston, a white guy, shot himself and blamed it on a black assailant. An age-old tale, not worth getting the pulse up over, no? But let’s go over the details again. This isn’t like the recent case of Conrad “The Player” Zdzierak, or even the eons-old practice of white ladies crying rape at the hands of black men. In those cases, there was at least a utilitarian point to the racial Red Herring. Zdzierak would be absolutely ineligible as a suspect the instant he ditched the mask, and the white ladies had to explain their unladylike sexuality somehow — victimhood was more acceptable than sexual agency in women of that era.

Susan Smith wanted her kids out of the way so she could land a rich husband. Even Ashley Todd could argue she really just wanted her guy to win. And Lindsay? Well, she’s just fucking Lindsay. (more…)