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So, I’m sure we’ve all heard “No More”, the first bit of new music from Ron Isley since he had to… go away. I was fairly ho-hum about it. (Though glad to hear he’d left the now-tired “Mr. Bigg” posturing in the big house. Big house… get it?)

 And then comes his cover of the Bacharach classic “(They Long to Be) Close to You”, featuring none other than Lauryn Hill. Sure, it’s a classic, beautifully written song. And lushly produced, sweetly subtle performance by two incredible artists. But I found myself wanting badly to like it more than I did (and I love a slow burner more than anything else).

It was then that I decided I was probably suffering from Lauryn Hill Denial Disorder.

Still, maybe I’m wrong here. You decide.



All month, The CW has been teasing the arrival of Nikita, its upcoming “erotic espionage thriller.” Here to give the “plucky female heroine” of USA’s Covert Affairs a run for the dollar bills stuffed down her bra, Nikki is a rebooted version of previous Hot-Chicks-With-Guns favorite La Femme Nikita. Always loved that show… When will folks realize that giving a tawdry product a French name only makes it sleazier. What’s the old adage? Ahh, yes… “La Fleur de Sexe by any other name would probably smell a little less like the laundry hamper at Rumps & Pumps.”

Anyway, who is Nikita? She apparently was an assasin who worked for The Government™, was Betrayed by her Bosses™, and has now Gone Rogue™ in a sexxxy quest for revenge.


Street Fighter 

Ladies and mostly gentlemen (who are we kidding here?)

Step away from the window. Get out of the tub and unplug that blowdrier. Life is worth living again! The good folks at College Humor have blessed us with the highest-quality material we’re likely to see all summer. I’m talking, of course, about “Street Fighter: The Later Years”. (more…)

Battlestar GalacticaWhy does this show make me moist?

  1. It’s a drama, space-suits aside.
  2.  It’s full of beautiful people, but built around a character everyone calls “The Old Man,” with a face like a pumice stone.
  3. Sexy Cylon… the Cylon models are like Spice Girls — each one has its own persona… Wait, where was I?
  4. Ah, yes. Sexy Cylon dresses like a Jersey stripper named Champagne, in her formal-event finery.
  5. It doesn’t have plot twists for plot-twist sake.
  6. It doesn’t try for the ever-popular “social commentary” angle. Instead, it shows the good and (more often) bad of human nature. But I don’t feel like I’m watching an after-school special.
  7. Gorgeous Cylons! (And I mean the Centurions)

All in all, this is a brilliant fracking show. So good,  it leaves me with absolutely no curiosity about the original Galactica show.