Tag Descriptions

As some themes don’t show tag descriptions, I figured I’d give you a page for clarity.

A term I coined to describe a favorite pasttime in America. People rally around an axiom that’s utterly infantile in its simplicity — like “racism is bad” or “child rape is awful” or “kicking kitties is wrong” — and scream it from the high heavens in an attempt to raise their stock as progressive thinkers. Of course, more complex questions are totally ignored, like what ways racism manifests itself in modern society, or how some may unconsciously be benefitting from it. Those questions are entirely too messy, and not quite as easy to bleat with self-satisfied outrage.

So we’re left with “four legs good, two legs bad”.

Refers to the phenomenon of once-great television shows experiencing a decline (slight to steep) in quality sometime during its third season. From The 4400 to Nip/Tuck to the Battlestar Galactica reboot, many once-great shows have fallen to the curse. It’s my belief that fear of the curse is the reason Rome never came back for a third season.

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