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 Katy vs. MariahSong of the Summer: “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry
I love lesbians. They’re great. Sure, 100%, 6-on-the-Kinsey-scale lesbians aren’t exactly interested in my interest, but a 3 or a 4 will do just nicely. Now, that girl at the bar who has absolute zero sexual interest in the chick she’s tonguing down for my attention? No thanks. That shit irritates me enough to kill whatever chubby their little show was meant to inspire. This song is the Pop-music manifestation of that girl. Attention-seeking, wannabe-provocative, and with its pseudo-Glam-Rock core, a pathetic waste of Glitter. Still, America’s teens ate this shit up, and it spent seven weeks at the top of the charts.



Rihanna vs. RowlandSong of the Summer: “Umbrella” by Rihanna
From the jump, Rihanna has been a novelty act. From IDJ trying to appeal to mainstream fetishization of the exotic (“The song that’s been heating up the Caribbean!!”) with “Pon Di Replay” to her metamorphosis into the poster-girl for Focus-Group Edge, Rihanna has always been more gimmick than woman.
“Umbrella” was the single point at which one image transitioned into the other. The”ella/eh” refrain that was so befuddling yet catchy, only worked when viewed through the prism of her Islandness. The far less exotic reality is that those flourishes were more the trademark of the unfortunately named Terius Nash (The-Dream, if you will). (more…)

Song of the Summer: “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado
Subtitled “OMG Nelly Furtado is totally rapping!”, this gimmicky track made its bones on the novelty of Furtado trading Pop-Rap come-ons with Timbaland over a boilerplate Tim beat. To be sure, Furtado had proclaimed her love for Hip-Hop as far back as her debut (and decidedly more Adult-Contemporary-leaning) album, but from its sound to the completely superfluous Timberlake cameo in the video, this was as cynical a chart-chaser as they come. It worked, spending 6 weeks at the top of the Hot 100. But try playing it now and ask yourself how well it’s aged.

Yeah, I thought so.


Almost SoS: 2005 – You Tell Me

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Song of the Summer: “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey
No song was bigger in 2005 (or the entire decade) than Mariah’s monster ballad. Built on a sparse drum-and-piano track (somewhat similar to Lil’ Jon’s “Lovers and Friends”), Carey is the most emotionally resonant she’s ever been. As a result, this classic cut ruled the airwaves all summer, breaking all sorts of airplay records. I’d love to find a song I felt was more worthy of the title, but… no.


Almost SoS: 2004 – Amerie’s “1 Thing”

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Song of the Summer: “Confessions, Part II” by Usher
Usher’s Confessions album ruled the charts in 2004. With lead single “Yeah” just beginning to slow down after having ruled the airwaves for the first half of the year, “Confessions II” began to titilate audiences with the thought of the then squeaky clean Pop star being involved in an ¡escandalo! of the “secret love-child” variety. While midtempo SoSes are not all that common, the (erroneous but intended) belief that this was a glimpse into the breakup of one of R&B’s best-loved couples was too much for fans to resist.


Pharrell vs. BeyonceSong of the Summer: “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé
The first salvo in what was to be Beyoncé’s all-out war on the public’s consciousness almost ended in a whimper. No, I’m not talking about the oft-repeated tale of Rich Harrison’s tardiness. I’m talking about the fact that the crazy brilliance of “Crazy in Love” almost went unnoticed altogether, greeted with the same mild interest audiences showed “Work it Out”. But thanks to one of the greatest videos of the 2000s, as directed by Jake Nava, the greatest glamour video director of the  2000s, “Crazy” ceased to be heard as a percussive paean to the Harlem Shake. The high-gloss sexuality of the video drew the world’s attention to the sexier, catchier, all-around most infectious element of the song… those horns.

We all remember where we were when we first saw that video. That fakeout fall at the beginning is the JFK assasination of our time. There, I said it. (more…)

Brandy vs. NellySong of the Summer: “Hot in Herre” by Nelly
The undisputed champ of the summer of ’02 was Nelly’s Neptunes-created scorcher. It had the suggestive premise, catchy hook, and the catchy line to be repeated/patomimed at parties (“Girl, I think my butt gettin’ big!”). Laid-back yet thoroughly danceable, its subject matter was salacious enough for teenage boys, but delivered in a manner just playful enough to make it a favorite at wedding receptions across the country. In terms of what we’ve come to understand the SoS to be, this was a perfect (and thoroughly deserving) winner. (more…)