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One of the things I love most about my job (besides 2 out of 3 meetings being catered) is the selection of free magazines I have access to. Over the years, I’ve watched AdAge get thicker as both Time and Newsweek turn to little more than glossy pamphlets as I go to and from the elevators daily. Still, I seldom stop to pick them up, though… places to go, people to do. (is that how that goes?)

Last week, as I hustled between meetings, something caught my eye in the stacks I usually give a cursory glance. It was the brilliantly worded, even more expertly laid out  cover for the August issue of Newsweek. I had to have it. And even as I tried to run three mini meetings at a time for the rest of the day, I started each one by pointing to my desk and asking the impatient person hoping for the answer they wanted: “Doesn’t that look like it’s gonna be an incredible piece?” Sure, most of them only agreed to get back to the issue at hand, but I’m pretty sure I touched one or two of them deeply. (You’re welcome, Newsweek.)


Sometimes, I hate people. I’ve been trying to stay out of this Cordoba House madness in the hope that by not feeding it in some way on my little blog, the shit would go away. But of course that isn’t the case, and shit’s starting to get real out here. In my opinion, all this anti-Islam furor is a better anti-American terrorist recruitment tool than anything bin Laden ever came up with.

So with that, America, I must enumerate what grinds my gears about this whole Cordoba House mess.


I know this is old, but like I said, I’ve been busy. I feel like I’ve missed my window to properly address the Cordoba House mess. But I had to at least address this mess somehow.

NYMAG: Obama ‘Recalibrates’ on Ground Zero Mosque

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Sack up, Barry.

Andrew Breitbart, far-right media blowhard and Karl Rove/Lee Atwater fetishist, most famous for the scandal he fabricated about community organizing group ACORN, may have finally been caught in the act.

A few days ago, he released a clip of USDA official Shirley Sherrod seemingly regaling the crowd at a local NAACP event with the tale of her denying a white farmer the help he so sorely needed. The media was up in arms, brimming with appropriate outrage. So were the USDA and NAACP — the latter immediately condemned her actions and the former forced her to resign immediately (apparently insisting she tender her resignation from wherever she was, via Blackberry).

As it turns out, Breitbart only showed a fraction of her 40-minute speech. Not only did that apparent abuse of power happen in the late ’80s, and not during her USDA tenure, but there was no abuse of power. The selected portion of her speech was part of a larger one in which she explains how she went from considering whites less disenfranchised (and thus, less deserving of her help) than blacks, to deciding that poor whites were getting shafted just as much as blacks were. She then goes on to detail her efforts to save this white farmer from the lawyer who was supposed to be helping him save his farm (also white, seeing as we’re playing Racial Bingo here), and spends the rest of the video preaching racial unity and co-operation with a touching sincerity. (more…)

Oh, Michelle...

Michelle Obama and others, including the President of the United States, attended this year's WHCD

So, Barry O’s second White House Correspondents Dinner was last night, and he wiped the floor with Jay Leno. In fairness, Times New Roman is funnier than Leno, so that really isn’t saying much.

But here’s my problem: I know the WHCD sprinkles in some celebrities with the politicos and journalists to keep the kids interested. But really: Justin Bieber? Kim Kardashian? The Jonas Brothers? Talk about a substance-vacuum.

All I’m saying is I really liked it when things meant something. We’ve lost far too many important cultural markers, and I refuse to let the White House Correspondents Dinner fade into that sweet nothingness. I mean, Jay Leno? Bush had The Mighty Colbert (although I’m pretty sure someone got fired for that), and you got… Leno? The most notable “celebrity” presence I remember from the 2006 dinner was Valerie Plame. Don’t go ruining this shit by inviting the Jo-Bros and actually acknowledging their presence during your monologue.

I will say, though, I’m greatly ticked by (not just Eric Massa, but) the thought that the Jonases must feel like octagenarian has-beens next to that little lesbian-looking Justin Bieber.

Silver linings, kids.

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