Why “Mad Tuesday”? What’s “Mad Tuesday”?

Like I said, this is mostly a way to keep folks I know abreast of things I feel like yelling out every now and again. I used to send out an email blast that, coincidentally, fell on Tuesdays. I called it “Tuesday Link Love.” Even when it went out on Friday.

I stopped sending those out ’cause my friends are a bunch of lousy ingrates. But I’ve gotten a few requests to revive TLL. Not sure if they were patronizing or not, but hey…

So essentially, this is Tuesday Link Love, reincarnated. For the most part, posts will not be long-form, and they will be stream-of-consciousness. I like it that way. If I wasn’t so morally opposed to Twitter, this would probably be a good fit for that. But knowing me, I’ll probably jump on the Twitter bandwagon really late, when it’s as obsolete as actual bandwagons are today.

Oh yeah, and it turns out I was also born on a Tuesday.

So there you go.