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Kenneth Cole Tweet Window ImageI meant to post this earlier, but as with everything these lazy-yet-hectic days of winter wherein we’re left to suffer the vengeful wrath of our billionaire Emperor Bloomberg and the weather machine created by his team of captive scientists, I’m running a little behind.

Anyway, last week, designer(ish) Kenneth Cole sent out the following to his 11,000 Twitter followers:

Millions in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at -KC


That’s What I Said… In which I let someone else do the talking.

Last night, I met up with my friend Erik for a couple drinks. Somewhere between the third beer and fourth scotch, talk turned to the current Apple mess. Turns out he and the other folks at DigitalFacePalm have some pretty strong opinions on this too.

I am getting so tired of Apple.  They have slowly become the kind of business they rose up against in the 80’s.  Their whole spiel back in the day was to RISE UP against conformity.  Innovation was the key to their success, simplicity and innovation is what made people switch to the Apple side…

They want developers who write Apps for the, i-insertproductname, to use Apple ONLY tools.  This means that developers who write an App for an Apple product, would have to literally re-write said App to be used on, the Android market let’s say.  This makes it very difficult for developers to get their intellectual property out in the market, to other devices.  Isn’t Apple the one always bitching about intellectual property?  Man these guys are such hypocrites! 

Why should Apple push a developer into a corner? Why does Apple need to have an Apple ONLY fart app?  Why can’t the developer write it in a universal language that can easily be ported to another platform?  I guess if you make it hard enough, these developers will ONLY develop for you, and nobody else.  Good business strategy.  Lock everyone in a closet Apple!!!

You know what?  Apple is scared of third-party innovation.  They want EVERY Apple product owner to be locked in their world.  You’ll see the world as Apple wants you to.  It starts off small, they don’t think you need Flash, it’s too resource hungry.  Well, why don’t YOU innovate Apple?  Why do WE have to bend over for YOU?  If the customer keeps making concessions just because it’s Apple and their “cool”.  Pretty soon, your Mackbooks are going to have to go through an Apple proxy server, just to make sure you’re going to an Apple approved site.

Tell ’em why you mad, son. Read the rest here.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple months, you’re acutely aware of two stories heating up the tech world. That doesn’t happen too often, now does it — mainstream audiences giving a damn about tech-industry happenings. I am, of course, talking about Apple’s war with Adobe and Facebook harvesting your likes, allergies, and phobias for eventual sale to our future alien insect overlords. In this, the first of a two-part series, we’ll look at how Apple went from edgy, fashionable outsider to Tech Goliath (MechaGodzilla, I guess). (more…)