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So, I’m sure we’ve all heard “No More”, the first bit of new music from Ron Isley since he had to… go away. I was fairly ho-hum about it. (Though glad to hear he’d left the now-tired “Mr. Bigg” posturing in the big house. Big house… get it?)

 And then comes his cover of the Bacharach classic “(They Long to Be) Close to You”, featuring none other than Lauryn Hill. Sure, it’s a classic, beautifully written song. And lushly produced, sweetly subtle performance by two incredible artists. But I found myself wanting badly to like it more than I did (and I love a slow burner more than anything else).

It was then that I decided I was probably suffering from Lauryn Hill Denial Disorder.

Still, maybe I’m wrong here. You decide.



The folks over at SoulBounce are celebrating “The Summer of Michael Jackson” with their picks of the Top 50 cuts in Michael’s extensive (and incredible) catalog.

While I don’t expect anyone to agree 100% with their pics, I suggest you take solace in the fact that they don’t either. It’s a testament to the man’s brilliance that we can argue about his 50 best compositions. Try getting three rational-minded people over the age of 25 to give a damn about Justin Timberlake’s best 7 songs. Go on, try.

Anyway, because I’m currently a tad too busy with the dayjob and a few other features to do such a list justice, take a look at the Bouncers’ picks, and be sure to check for updates every day.



Charitable Spoiler Alert: Turn away if you haven’t reached the mid-point of Season 2, and want to remain somewhat surprised.

So, HBO’s True Blood is back, and I find myself truly shocked at how satisfying Sunday night’s season premiere was. I used to watch this show in fits of laughter, yelling “this is the worst thing on TV!!” at the screen. Then somewhere early in the second season, it crossed over from “so bad, it’s good” to “pretty good” territory.

I didn’t expect to comment on this premiere, but I found myself reading an open thread at Racialicious, in which Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) state of mind after losing her boyfriend had commenters all in a tizzy. (more…)