Been a long time. Shouldn’t have left you…

Posted: August 14, 2010 by RA in Public Service Announcemnet

Sorry for the blackout, folks, but life kinda gets in the way sometimes.
Work got a little crazy (and real life got a little more fun), so I decided to devote my non-slaving hours to more relaxing (if brainless) pursuits.

But there’s so much I wanted to talk about. From the latest MTA uckery, to Cordoba House bigotry, to Google going evil, to the return of Mad Men, to finally finishing up SoS, you’ve been on my mind all the way.

Slowly, I’ll make my way back. But for now, I’ll leave you (albeit weeks late) with the single greatest site on the internet (and possible portal to Hell).

You’re welcome.

  1. Queen of Swords says:

    You better be sorry!! I’m on vacay in SE Asia and out of interest in the S.o.s series I waste loading time checking the site for what??? NOTHING!!
    Get to it 🙂

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