Sherrod Blowback: Breitbart’s Latest Successful Race-Bait Attempt Perhaps Not So Successful

Posted: July 21, 2010 by RA in "The Media", Politics, Race, Society, Television, The Webosphere
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Andrew Breitbart, far-right media blowhard and Karl Rove/Lee Atwater fetishist, most famous for the scandal he fabricated about community organizing group ACORN, may have finally been caught in the act.

A few days ago, he released a clip of USDA official Shirley Sherrod seemingly regaling the crowd at a local NAACP event with the tale of her denying a white farmer the help he so sorely needed. The media was up in arms, brimming with appropriate outrage. So were the USDA and NAACP — the latter immediately condemned her actions and the former forced her to resign immediately (apparently insisting she tender her resignation from wherever she was, via Blackberry).

As it turns out, Breitbart only showed a fraction of her 40-minute speech. Not only did that apparent abuse of power happen in the late ’80s, and not during her USDA tenure, but there was no abuse of power. The selected portion of her speech was part of a larger one in which she explains how she went from considering whites less disenfranchised (and thus, less deserving of her help) than blacks, to deciding that poor whites were getting shafted just as much as blacks were. She then goes on to detail her efforts to save this white farmer from the lawyer who was supposed to be helping him save his farm (also white, seeing as we’re playing Racial Bingo here), and spends the rest of the video preaching racial unity and co-operation with a touching sincerity.

Breitbart’s Video

Full Video (for comparison, start around 16:00)

While the facts as they pertain to Ms. Sherrod are shameful, this story points out greater tragedies in the way we conduct ourselves in the face of scandal. First, there’s the media. At this point, nobody should need to be told to suspect any “news” provided by Andrew Breitbart. Fuck looking a gift horse in the mouth — you shoot that fucker first and see if it bleeds. Anyone who takes a Breitbart story and runs with it without thorough fact-checking is either obviously aligned with his agenda or cripplingly lazy. Either way, you shouldn’t call yourself a journalist.

But unfortunately, in the all-important rush to bring you the story first, no one in the media cares to tell it to you right. Combine that with the news media’s overall shift from reportage to punditry and you’ve got a recipe for misapplied appropriate outrage of disastrous proportions. Even as the real story first began to emerge, news outlets such as MSNBC (traditionally viewed as the commie-pinko, punk-ass Liberal outlet) began to frame it as the NAACP “pressuring the White House to reinstate black official ousted for making racial remarks about white farmer”. Translation: “That damn NAACP is at it again. You can’t even look a black person without them showing up. Oh, and Sharpton. Just watch, he’ll show up soon.”

And what about the White House? I’ve said it a trillion times. One of the main things that bother me most about the Obama administration is its lilly-livered tendency to react more than they act. The narrative is always framed by the right, with Barry O’s administration always feeling compelled to defend itself… especially where melanin is involved. From Van Jones to Skip Gates to this, it seems the administration of the First Black President Evah™ not only has to tread carefully around Race, but it shrieks and jumps on the nearest chair whenever Race rolls over to find a cool spot on the pillow.

I’ve gotta run — work to be done. So I’ll leave you with the following:

People: Pay close attention to everything presented as news. ‘Cause the folks presenting it sure aren’t.
Media: Do your fucking jobs. I know your budgets are slashed and your ratings are down, but instantly repeating shit you heard isn’t journalism. It’s sharing gossip during homeroom.
Barry O: Man the fuck up. Tired of this shit.

  1. Meachy says:

    Well said…

  2. Queen of Swords says:

    ** clapping wildly from the back of the room**

  3. merq says:

    @Queen of Swords and Meachy:
    Hahha. Thanks.

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