Rogaine: Not Your Dad’s Balding Treatment

Posted: June 14, 2010 by RA in Advertising
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Watching this ad always makes me cringe.

See, it’s totally not your grandfather’s hair-restoration foam. That’s probably because gramps’ stuff was more of a potion than a foam. It had shit like goat placenta and eye of newt. But this shit right here? Totally different — the ad tells you as much. How so?

  1. It’s all high-contrast, black-and-white edginess.
  2. The “real-person” actor totally talks like an everyday guy. In all our hey, like.. inarticulate glory.
  3. He’s a total skeptic — like you, a jaded adult Gen-X-er. But Rogaine so totally works “It’s like… nice” [double thumbs-up].
  4. Quick. Cuts. MTV-style. So each. Sentence. Is made up of. At. Least. Five clips.
  5. This product isn’t for “men” like gramps. It’s for “guyyyyys.” 85 per cent of whom totally get their hair back. It’s like… nice.

So you should feel no shame ringing it up at the drug store (is it even available OTC?), along with those rubbers, Astroglide tube, and that “What A Girl Wants” DVD.


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