Detroit Cops Kill 7-Year-Old Girl in Raid

Posted: May 17, 2010 by RA in Society
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I really don’t have the strength for this today.

Overzealous cops with the tactical maneuvering skills of a bull on roller skates? Check

Drunk on their own power and self-importance? Check

Rush to blame the victim and her family?


“Wrong door raids”- alright, everyone is hopefully clear that this was NOT the wrong door. As it is quickly mentioned above, this family WAS harboring the suspect (who murdered a 17 year old boy in front of his girlfriend), who was then apprehended. Aiyana did no wrong here. Neither did the Detroit police.

(And knowing Detroit, fuck, I’d do flash raids before entering *anywhere*.)


if “grandma” had been a little more interested in getting the murderer out of her house, instead of fighting with the police officer, her granddaughter would be alive today.

lets get something straight by the way. I hate cops. but in this case, they were justified. . . now the poor bastard who’s gun went off is going to have this on his head for the rest of his life. . . all because this woman was a grade A bitch.

and the community action trying to deify this little girl is WAY over the top too. claiming that she was an “all A honor roll student” is LAUGHABLE. when was the last time you saw an honor roll in a grade school…. I’ll give you a hint… there aren’t any.

either way, grandma is to blame, not the cop


It is too early to jump to conclusions on what happened there, but having a child die in that situation is terrible. One thing I would like to know is why was she sleeping on the couch at that time? Anyone else think that is a little strange? Why would a child that age not be in their own bed at 12:40am on a school night?

I don’t have anything else to say.

  1. incestus urbanus says:

    that was the dude’s only daughter right?? i dont know why that one line stuck in my head… smh

  2. incestus urbanus says:

    ok ok okay… so i have to say this as well… as i have said to my father before me who thinks im a bit of nut job and very very difficult but one of the things that gets me is that people really believe that they have God given rights and that its the duty of the state to enforce those rights. That makes no sense to me at all and once people start realising that they are lucky enough to have some semblance of those rights then they will be better off and then the death of a girl might actually be preventable.

    people tend to take but never give, Ill take my rights but I wont give up any person in my house. I mean come on dont harbor law breakers and do yourself a favor and protect your own neck and the bloody necks of your own family… goodness!

    • merq says:

      First, thanks for your comments. Tell your friends, and all that jazz.

      Secondly, let’s be sure we’re working with the facts at hand. From the reports I read, the suspect was found in the apartment above the one containing Aiyana and her grandmother (some other reports say the cops refuse to state where the suspect was found). But even if he was found in their apartment, it speaks to a clubfooted approach to law enforcement.
      1. They had intel telling them exactly what apartment the suspect was in, but they obtained a warrant for the entire building.
      2. If they had been more logical in their approach, a lot of this could have been averted. Think about it from the grandmother’s POV: after midnight, and your home is suddenly filled with armed men and flashbang devices are used? Around your child? Anyone with a parental instinct would probably leap to protect the child first. (Remember, we don’t know for sure that they were even harboring said suspect, and much of the reportage suggests they weren’t.)
      3. It would seem these officers were playing for the cameras, as an A&E crew was following them for a crime investigation show.

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