Met Gala: All The Girls Standing In Line For The Bathroom

Posted: May 12, 2010 by RA in Fashion, Uncategorized

“You fucking bitch!”

Oh, don’t mind her. That’s just Anna Wintour. She’s standing on a banquette, head swaying drunkenly back and forth, her left hand on the wall for balance. She raises her right arm, champagne flute aloft as she greets another luxuriously dressed woman. “Babes! Where have you been, you fucking whore?!”, she says, as she plants a huge, wet one on her lips.

This was the vision that floated into my head when I heard about Anna Wintour dancing in the DJ booth with Diddy and Usher at the recent afterparty for this year’s Met Costume Institute Gala. When anyone else (see half of Meatpacking) does shit like this, it’s annoying as hell. Yet, placing A. Wintour in that tableau totally gave me a semi.

Imagine my joy when I realized I wasn’t too far off. There was, in fact, another awesomely powerful woman partying hard in the group, and it was…

Met Party

Big O!!! Turns out she and Wintour co-hosted the event.

They revel in their steamy liplock as all the men (and women) at the party go wild, hooting and hollering. Anna pulls back from Oprah, smiling, eyes half-closed. She runs her tongue across her teeth, cocks her head sideways and slurs…

“You got any coke?”



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