Police Brutality Weekly: “Mexican” Trio Distract Cops, Enabling Other Suspects to Escape

Posted: May 9, 2010 by merqm in "The Media", Race, Society
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Seattle Brutality Footage - May 2010

Last week, a group of riot-squad officers responded to a call stating that a group of Latino males had carried out a robbery outside a Seattle area club. As they patrolled the area in search of the perpetrators, they found a group that matched the description of the suspects.

The officers rounded up the suspicious individuals, made them lie face-down on the asphalt, and in response to what must have been the threat of severe harm from one prostrate perpetrator, stomped on his head, hand, and legs.

This happened as the suspect moved his hand a few inches towards his face, despite a warning from the officer that he would “beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you, homie”, a standard crowd-control warning employed when confronting raucous groups prone to violence.

Soon, it became clear that the officers had been pawns in an elaborate scheme — it was revealed that this group couldn’t have committed the robbery. But by intercepting the patrolling officers and distracting them as long as they did, they gave their countrymen a chance to escape. Still, upon discovering the ruse, the magnanimous officers helped the wily foreigners to their feet and released them without any further delay. Because any official record of the events could open the group up to prosecution on Accessory charges, the posse’s drowsy ringleader was not given any medical attention for his head injuries.

However, a left-wing propagandist named Judd Morris lurked in the distance, recording the full encounter for the purposes of inflaming anti-police sentiment. When he submitted the footage to his bosses at KCPQ, he was told the officers were in the right, and was fired a few days later. Insistent on getting his unauthenticated video shown as proof of some sort of police brutality, he took his story to a station that was willing to present the story with his slant intact. This station was KIRO 7, Seattle.

The officer apologized Friday to the Hispanic community, as his checking account was credited with wages for the just-elapsed pay period. Commentators speculate he will receive many more such payments as he stays home on administrative leave, pending an official investigation by his friends and coworkers.

Naturally, reaction to this story has been mixed — with a single arena offering varying views.

From the factual:

That wasn’t ANYTHING LIKE being “stomped by the cops”.

That was NOTHING.

to the realistic:

Also, we know nothing about that part of Seattle or its relative crime rates. Was this a gang area? That cop was from the gang task force, and honestly you need to be a fucking animal to deal with gang members…

The way this article was written you’d think that this was Rodney King all over again, but in reality it was a couple of cops being a little overly rough with a suspect.

…I’m just saying that in the scheme of things, this video doesn’t prove much.

to the hysterical and unpatriotic:

The worst part of the attack, to me, is that this is how domestic terrorism, racial division, and crime are bred. The PD said they heard of the attack several days later, so I’m going to assume that the young man didn’t file a complaint. Probably because he rightfully felt that the Police Internal Affairs would have ignored.

Yet, I doubt that he will ever forget the attack. It will go deep into his memory as another attempt of white society to smash his dreams. In ten years, when his marriage and career are faltering he will remember them in context of that moment. The byproducts of a society working to hold him back. A casual Google search will lead him to a hate group whose culture he will become immersed in, evermore buying into their ideology until they convince this nice boy to attack.

He may never become a criminal. Instead, he may 2.5 kids and a cute house. Because of this moment, those kids are more likely to be raised with an inherent distrust of the white man. The cycle continues.

Reactions like these are no doubt what KCPQ sought to avoid by burying this story. This non-story also had the potential to adversely affect public opinion for the Arizona law granting state police the right (and the duty) to determine the legality of Latinos they encounter, simply by looking at them. As long as they aren’t duped by wily “Brown Herring” decoys, they will no doubt make the right decisions always.

Feel free to thank KCPQ for holding fast to their journalistic integrity through any of the following channels.

1813 Westlake Avenue N.
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: (206) 674-1313

  1. Dayo says:

    I have to say, I’m totally with the cops on this, for the following reasons:
    1. Cops are ALWAYS right. The sooner we as a people learn this, the more prosperous and fulfilled we will be.
    2. What else is one to do with a prostrate, defenseless man BUT “stomp” on his arm, legs and head? I would even say one should ensure not to miss the back and the buttocks area.
    3. Seattle is now a safer place simply because this happened, and, all of us, from New York to Lagos and everywhere in between, should be exceedingly thankful.
    4. W.I.R!! (that’s just for you and I, merq, as I wouldn’t wanna offend your readers/followers/disciples)

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