In Defense of Fantasia

Posted: May 1, 2010 by RA in Music
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So, I can’t say I like Fantasia. She’s milquetoast. And when she isn’t, she’s just straight-up embarassing. She does such lackluster (“I Believe”), tragic (‘Hood Boy”), and lackluster and tragic (“Baby Mama”) shit that I can’t muster much of an opinion of her.

Then every now and again, I stumble onto something that reminds me how much of a fucking talent (and therefore, a waste of said talent) she is.

First, it was this: the only Idol performance I’ve ever watched.

Then it was this: making Jamie Foxx tolerable for 5 minutes is no small feat. 

Now, it’s this: let’s be honest, she totally sonned Chaka Khan on this one 

And then you hear the drivel she’s got on her upcoming album, and you’re snapped back to the sad reality that is her A&R situation.

Le Sigh.

  1. Dayo O says:

    Chaka, you got SERVED! Exit. Stage. Left. (Sexual Chocolate style)

  2. JohnnyGirl says:

    Fantasia has a very annoying voice but every now and again her songs/voice just grab me…and i am pretty easy so I kinda like her 🙂

  3. KiaJD says:

    Chaka, oh my.
    Agreed though, I think Fantasia is talented. She’s just so… “extra.” I don’t know how else to put it. I think it’s her insistence on keeping a jar of brown protein gel around for that 1991 hairstyle that bothers me most.

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