Ugly Americans: Exhale

Posted: April 28, 2010 by RA in Television

This past February, As I ran around Manhattan handlin’ my bidness, I kept running across posters for the new Comedy Central Show, Ugly Americans. For the longest time, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why, but the ads made me feel kinda good.

It was only after a week of enjoying them that it hit me. One day, as I pored over the characters in a subway ad, my brain kicked in. Urethra! Eureka! I realized why I was so comforted by the show: this looked like it would be the first new Comedy Central show in years that wouldn’t be racist in some way.

Yeah, think about it:

Daily Show. Colbert. Chappelle… all good. Then Mencia. Silverman. Dunham. Not just racist, but patently unfunny.

Having seen a few episodes of Ugly Americans, I can say authoritatively that it’s actually decently funny. It’s no Archer, but it’ll do. Then again, Archer was only Archer for like 65% of the season, so hey…

Anyway, judge for yourself.

Yeti in the Bathroom



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